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A Bit About Us

Committed to the Arts

Bullet Point Theatre is co-founded by Lucinda Coyle and Samuel Xavier.  It was created with one aim, for each show topic to be about a voice or conversation that is not allowed time or space.

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Our Purpose

Why We Do What We Do

We believe that theatre needs to prove points, encourage change, and show realities on stage that our audiences would often shy away from. Dramas on tv and film of course portray it, but audiences can distract themselves from the truth by getting their phones out. Theatre provides two, or three, hours of inescapable truth, where you can’t hide behind a cushion if you feel uncomfortable. If an audience feels comfortable whilst watching one of our shows then we haven’t done our job. The writing is honest. The staging is truthful and all our dramas highlight either injustice or evoke the need for change.

Our Story

Like all great stories, Lucinda & Samuel met while working on Shaftesbury Avenue, when Supervisor Lucinda had to teach new Usher Samuel how to sell a £5 programme back in 2021. They first worked together when Samuel offered to help Lucinda at the workshop of her play “Our Last First”.  Samuel later continued as an outside assistant to Lucinda when the play went into full production at Union Theatre later that year. Following Lucinda’s 5-star reviewed sold-out run, they realised that maybe they had the ability to share more than just a bottle of wine. With shared morals, goals, and a Ying and Yang friendship, it wasn’t until a night out at GAY Late on the dance floor that they decided to go for it. And Bullet Point Theatre was born.

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