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Pitch Point is a brand-new initiative aiming to break the gap between new work creatives and producers/programmers, currently supported by Seven Dials Playhouse.

The 'Pitch Point' Initiative

In short 'Pitch Point' is a closed room, a safe space where 14 productions/creatives can showcase 10-15 minutes of their new musical/play directly in front of a panel of leading industry professionals including but not limited to Producers, Programmers & Artistic Directors. The showcase can be in any format; a presentation, a pitch, scenes, or songs, however, they feel the time is best used. They then receive direct live feedback from the panel in the room and a chance to discuss their piece further.


Overall the day will allow the panel to meet and engage with the new work about to hit the industry, whilst our Pitch Point creatives have a chance to get direct feedback from those they may wish to work with in the future.

Pitch Point will be on Thursday 18th April 2024 at Seven Dials Playhouse

WHY are we doing this?????


In today’s industry, it’s becoming harder for new emerging creatives to get their work seen by the people who would programme or produce it. We believe this is because often creatives do not have the resources or know the right people in the industry who can deliver the opportunities. Bullet Point Theatre wants to bridge that gap by presenting Pitch Point to get both Producers and Programmers to network with the creatives of tomorrow, start the conversations needed, and continue and support New British Theatre.

Introducing our 14 Pitch Point shows for 2024

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